Life Groups


Never walk through life alone again

When you really start to pursue God and pursue relationship with others, fear becomes courage; shame becomes healing and transformation; blame becomes ownership, responsibility, dominion, transformation. Never walk through life alone again.

For us, Life Groups are family

Our life group has been a tangible answer to prayer in so many ways. We feel a deep sense of belonging in a short period of time. It’s such a gift to be known and cared for in community and be able to know and care for others as well.  Sweet friendships have formed over sincere prayers for one another and we leave each week infused with strength and filled with gratefulness. 

The Nash Family

Life is short, a vapor, a mist. We cannot do it alone, and we're called to love and live with one another. For us, Life Groups are family. People we live life with, in community, sharing real struggles, offering encouragement and love. Throughout our adult lives, God has blessed us with community in Life Groups and through leading a life group, and He has answered prayers directly through Life Groups right here in Fairview. In community, we strive to grow closer to Christ, as we grow closer to one another. 

The Buchanan Family

Want to start a group?

Jesus didn’t call the able, He called the willing. You can lead a Life Group. If you have a heart to press into Jesus and the community He’s placed around you, start a Life Group today. We’ll give you all the tools you need!

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